Today, January 18, 2021, several Essence Fitness Studio youth and staff gathered to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The #EssenceFitnessTribe, kids’ edition, provided essential hygiene products to Cathedral Kitchen so that they can be distributed to those who are in need.

Cathedral Kitchen is the largest emergency food provider in Camden, NJ, serving more than 100,000 meals a year. It uses food to change lives, nourish, train, and employ people in order to help them improve their lives. They work to feed and energize a healthy community.

Essence Fitness Studio believes that lives can be changed with simple acts of service and generosity. Teaching our youth that even the smallest of their gifts can create large impact. 

Happily we share the same purpose with Cathedral Kitchen, so we choose them as our community service partner for the month of January.  

We will continue to grow our #EssenceFitnessTribe with monthly community service events in the future.

How are you honoring this day of service?


Press Release 1/18/2021