Essence – define

: one that possesses or exhibits a quality in abundance as if in concentrated form

[Blank] is the essence of fitness.
[Blank] is the essence of joy.
[Blank] is the essence of body image.

Creation Process

 The logo is a combination of male and female figure. The gym is equal opportunity for both sexes to get healthy. There is an element of strength and implied flexibility in this graphic. There is also movement with both arms facing in the same direction. As American’s reading left to right the movement suggest forward motion. The apple was added as a symbol of heathy eating and nutrition. Through revisions the apple was moved into the place of the heart. Again, this is a symbol of health. It was later realized it has an Adam and Eve element of creation or being human too.

The font from the original logo has been adopted here. This font is unique to Essence and it’s logo. That means… Parts of it can not be found on the inter webs. Specifically the capital E. The S letterform is also special to this logo because it appears they are running.

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